Dr. Christine Fialka- Eshenko - General & Family Dentist with Cosmetic Services

General Dentist and Cosmetic Dental Services in Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton general dentist Dr. Christine Fialka-Eshenko and her team are proud to serve the citizens of the Edmonton, Alberta area with general and cosmetic dental procedures to achieve their aesthetic goals in a comfortable, friendly environment.

Dental services we provide include:

  • General dentistry, which include general cleanings, fillings and periodontics
  • Porcelain veneers, which are an instant orthodontic solution and can address an array of smile imperfections, such as cracked teeth, gaps, tooth misalignment, tooth discolouration and more
  • An array of tooth whitening procedures to brighten your smile and boost your self-confidence
  • Porcelain dental crowns to protect and reinforce fractured or damaged teeth in a natural way
  • Addressing numerous missing teeth with dental bridges or dental implant-retained crowns to prevent the shifting of teeth and restore your smile’s beauty
  • Emergency appointements are also welcome

Scheduling a personal cosmetic consultation with Dr. Christine Fialka-Eshenko is the first step in improving your smile and quality of life. We take the time to get to know our patients and their aesthetic goals before suggesting treatment options that will best meet their individual needs.

If you have questions, please read our Questions and Answers about Cosmetic Dentistry, which addresses many of our patients’ concerns. Of course, we are more than happy to personally answer any questions you might have during your initial consultation.

To learn more about the wonders of cosmetic dentistry and how it can benefit your life, please contact our dental office today at our Edmonton, Alberta office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Christine Fialka-Eshenko. 

  • 1. Dr. Christine Fialka-Eshenko
  • 2. Natalie B., Office Administrator
  • 3. Tracy Austin, Hygienist 
  • 4. John Eshenko, Office Manager
  • 5. Melissa N., Registered Dental Assistant

Focus on Smiles is pleased to announce that we are expanding office hours and will now be open Fridays.

Joining the team is Dr. Seve to help assist with new extended hours.

Dr. Seve's love of dentistry has prompted him to continue practicing and we are proud to have him join our team! Dr. Seve is happy to walk through procedures with patients and welcomes the opportunity to serve your dental needs.