What motivates us…

What motivates the Team a Focus on Smiles?

The Team at Focus on Smiles has years of experience in the Dental Field.

I graduated from Dental School in 1979 and then completed a Dental Residence Program at the University of Alberta hospital before entering private practice in 1980.

My Dental Hygienist Ann has worked in the field for 24 years ; my Registered Dental Assistant AnnMarie, has 20 years in the field and Katrina, our Receptionist/Registered Dental Assistant is our baby, working for 3 years … but bringing with her the necessary computer and technology know-how that we have had to learn, but comes naturally to our younger counterparts!

Together, that’s a lot of years. No need to do the math!!!

When we ask each team member about motivation, the common answer is “Seeing a smile on my patients face is what motivates me to always do the good work that we do day in and day out!” Our goal is always to be the best that we can be!

Dentistry is not just fixing a broken tooth… it’s about prevention and early detection of serious health conditions that help our patients maintain optimal overall health and well-being.

The mouth holds the key to the health of the rest of your body . Educating our patients about this is an important part of our day and reflects out core values.

Respect and trust that we receive from our patients and colleagues are prime motivators as well.

It is a privilege to be chosen as someone’s health care provider and we are thankful to our patients for choosing “Focus on Smiles” to look after their oral Health


Dr Christine Fialka-Eshenko

The Focus on Smiles Team.

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